On this day 21st/22nd September 1918: the 5th Battalion trenches are raided

Enemy attacked 5th Sherwood Foresters. Attack repulsed with very heavy casualties


92392 Pte Alexander Alcock aged 23. Son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Alcock of Baldovan Gardens, Dundee. Previously served with RASC and transferred to Sherwood Foresters around July 1917.

305663 Pte Tom Edney from Mansfield.

267342 L/Cpl Frederick Hage from Nottingham.

13287 Pte R Smith. Husband of A. M. C. Smith, of 13, Bedford Square, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

35017/203510 Pte Harold Wright aged 21. Son of Dan and Emma Wright, of 22, Clyde St., Wilfold Rd., Nottingham.

19787 Cpl Albert Cook from Chesterfield.

93638 Pte Norman Charnock Kaye from Yeadon in Yorkshire.

2089/200353 Pte William Herbert Reynolds from Long Eaton.

306975 Pte Joseph Richardson from Hull.

202235 Sergt James Taylor from Middlesex.


200085 Pte A Knowles


73462 Pte Allan Adams

18184  Pte George Albert Northridge

30664 Pte William Towle




On these days 6th – 20th September 1918: training

Beuvry Area:

6.9.18: Battalions in VERQUIN – BEUVRY – BETHUNE area.

7.9.18: Moved by route march to the MARLES-LES-MINES area. Cleaning etc.


8-10.9.18: Training under Brigade and Battalion arrangements.

11.9.18: The Brigade commenced to entrain at CALONNE RICOURT.

12-12.9.18: Detrained at CORBIE. Marched to billets in FRANVILLERS area.


14-17.9.18: Training under Brigade and Battalion arrangements.

18.9.18: Embussed at FRANVILLERS.

19.9.18: Debussed at PAEUILLY. Bivouacs in VRAIGNES area.

20.9.18: Relieved 2nd Infantry Brigade in the line E of MAISSEMY night 20/21st.

On these days 2nd – 5th September 1918 – successful operations carried out in the ESSARS sector

2.9.18: Quite day. Our line ran S14a 3.5, 58c 4.0, S8a 05.65, S1db 8.1, X6C 90.45.

3.9.18: A successful operation was carried out resulting in the capture of our objectives and a few prisoners.

See here

4.9.18: Another operation was successfully carried out.

5.9.18: Artillery active over the whole area. One shell hit HQ of 8th Sherwood Foresters and wounded Lieut Col.- RW CURRIN DSO and all his HQ staff, with the exception of his 2nd in Command.

Night 5th/6th relieved by 56th Division.


  • 1769/73444 L/Cpl Harold Marsh aged 23 and the son of Ben and Mary Hannah Marsh; husband of Fanny Marsh of 3 Station Rd. Spa Lane in Chesterfield. Harold was a pre-War Territorial who enlisted in 1912 and arrived in France with the 46th Division in February 1915. He was wounded in 1915 and returned to England for treatment.
  • 20043/269262 Pte. Charles Norman Comins aged 23 and son of the late Charles and Mary Jane Comins of Lincoln. Charles had previously served with the 1/7th Battalion.
  • 93551 Pte. Frederick William Clay from Leek in Staffordshire. Frederick was a conscripted soldier who only served in France with the 1/6th Battalion.
  • 31847 Pte Francis William Dennis from Leabrooks in Derbyshire. Had previously served with the 16th Battalion.
  • 3815/266206 Pte. Albert Owen Hewson aged 21 and the Son of the late George Edward and Sarah Jane Hewson of 4 Harrington Drive on Derby Rd. in Nottingham. Had previously served with the 1/7th Battalion and arrived in France in 1916.
  • 3642/241152 Pte Joe Maxwell Moore aged 25 and the son of Harry and Sabine Moore of Whaley Common in Langwith Derbyshire.
  • 1699/240220 Sergt. George William Wall the son of William Wall of North Wood in Darley Dale Matlock. George was a pre-War Territorial who had enlisted in May 1912 and arrived in France with the 46th Division in February 1915.
  • 1537/240149 Cpl. Archibald Galbraith aged 28 and son of Thomas and Emily Galbraith; husband of E Galbraith of 21 Market St. Whaley Bridge. Archibald was a pre-War Territorial who had enlisted in January 1912 and arrived in France with the 46th Division in February 1915.
  • 2879/240778 Pte. Richard Milnes wounded by a bullet on the 4th September and died in the 22 Casualty Clearing Station 10 days later. Richard enlisted in October 1914 and arrived in France with the 46th Division in February 1915.

On this day 14th September 1918: Richard Milnes from Whaley Bridge died of wounds

2278/240778 Richard Milnes, a labourer from Whaley Bridge enlisted in October 1914 and arrived in France with the 46th Division in February 1915. He served with “B” Company and was wounded on 16.7.15 at Zillebeke.

On this day 1st September 1918: operations against Scott and Hunters Posts

See here for details of the Operations

The four men killed on the 1st September were:-

  • Second Lieutenant Leonard Victor Burrows aged 26 and the son of JR and Florence Burrows of Belper and Husband of Jessie Burrows of Stirton Grange in Skipton, Yorkshire.
  • 5040/235021 Pte. Albert Victor Jackson aged 21 and the son of William and Emma Jackson of Hyson Green in Nottingham. Albert enlisted into the 3/7th Battalion in September 1915 and after service with the 5th Reserve and 1/5th Battalions he was posted to the 1/6th Battalion on 29th January 1918 with the 45th Reinforcement.
  • 82872 L/Cpl Frederick Murfin aged 24 and husband of Nellie Murfin, of 48 Brook St. in Derby. Frederick attested in January 1915 and was mobilised in March 1917 and posted to the 3rd Battalion. He was transferred to the 1/6th Battalion on 20th January 1918 with the 43rd Reinforcement and joined the Battlion in the field on 18th February.
  • 97990 Pte Lewis Spencer aged 19 and the son of George Thomas and Lilly Flora Spencer of Dunston in Lincolnshire. Lewis attested in January 1917 and was mobilised in March 1917. He was initially posted to the 11th Training Reserve Battalion before transferring to the Sherwood Foresters in December 1917. He was transferred to the 1/6th Battalion from the 2nd Battalion on 10th February 1918 with the 48th Reinforcement and joined the Battlion in the field on 25th March.