On this day 1st April 1919: Men proceeded to join PoW Companys

Captain FS Rowland, Lieut L Parkinson, 2/Lt AT Ault and 63 other ranks proceeded to join 120 P of W Company.

Frank Skinner Rowland, MC

Leonard Parkinson

Captain G Glossop, Lieut WA Grundy and Lieut RA Frith and 51 other ranks to join 182 P of W Company.

Gilderoy Glossop

William Arthur Grundy

On this day 25th March 1919: Lt EN Smith, Lt AJ Tyrell and 2/Lt LW Haxell proceeded to England for demobilisation

Eric Norman Smith served with 1/6th Battalion from 30th November 1918 to 25th March 1919

AJ Tyrell was posted from the Robin Hood Rifles and served with the 1/6th Battalion from 30th January 1918

LW Haxell served with 1/6th Battalion from 28th November 1918 to 25th March 1919