North Midland Division

constIn 1910 the North Midland Brigade comprised of the following units

In order of Precedence

Royal Engineers.-

  • 1st North Midland Field Co. R.E.
  • 2nd North Midland Field Co. R.E.
  • North Midland Divisional telegraph Co. R.E

Lincoln and Leicester Infantry Brigade.-

  • 4th Leicester Regiment
  • 5th Leicester Regiment
  • 4th Lincolnshire Regiment
  • 5th Lincolnshire Regiment

Notts and Derby Infantry Brigade.-

  • 5th Notts and Derby Regiment
  • 6th Notts and Derby Regiment
  • 7th Notts and Derby Regiment
  • 8th Notts and Derby Regiment

Staffordshire Infantry Brigade.-

  • 5th South Stafford Regiment
  • 6th South Stafford Regiment
  • 5th North Stafford Regiment
  • 6th North Stafford Regiment

Army Service Corps.-

  • Headquarter Co. A.S.C.
  • Lincoln and Leicester Brigade Co. A.S.C.
  • Notts and Derby Brigade Co. A.S.C.
  • Staffordshire Brigade Co. A.S.C.

Royal Army Medical Corps.-

North Midland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance

  • 1st North Midland Field Ambulance
  • 2nd North Midland Field Ambulance
  • 3rd North Midland Field Ambulance


North Midland Divisional Transport and Supply Column

wagonStaffs ASCUnknown 21.32.56StaffsT ASC men




 46 NM Division RAMC

RAMCLincsLincs Territorials

North Midland Cyclist Company

(Image Courtesy of Tom Jordan)

590_001 (1)

590_002Divisional Cyclist Company 1914Winder 2

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