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A break from the diary…….

I’ve managed to acquire three year books for the 2nd Volunteer Battalion and the 6th Battalion from 1907, 1908 and 1909.Year Book

A fascinating source on information to share……

These year books belonged to George Holmes from Whaley Bridge, who enlisted into the 2nd Volunteer Battalion in February 1883 and was given the Regimental number 1315 and served with “H” Company.


George Holmes in 1909

1915 In Review

April to December 1915

  • The 6th Battalion left Southampton with the North Midland Division on the 25th February 1915.
  • The Battalion held the front line trenches 21 times between March and December 1915; including 1 major battle (the attack on Hohenzollern Redoubt).severne dickinson
  • Two Officer were killed during these 9 months; 2/Lt Henry Severne in May and 2/Lt Lewis Dickinson in September.
  • At least 10 Officers were also wounded during this time.
  • According to the War Diary 81 men were killed in the 9 months between March and December.
  • This does not include the 12 missing after the mine explosion on the 30th September; which was the biggest single loss of life to date.Redfern
  • The 1st man to be killed was 1470 Allen Redfern of Buxton who was shot by a sniper on the 10th March 1915 and is buried in Ploegsteert Wood Military Cemetery.Bombing
  • The last man to be killed was 3065 Joseph Brown, a miner from Grassmoor, who was last seen bombing in the German trench as the raiding party retired and was reported as missing on the 26th November. His body was never recovered or identified after the war and he is commemorated on the Loos Memorial.
  • The War Diary records that 323 men were wounded during these 9 months; research suggests that this number is in fact much higher. Indeed the 139th Brigade War Diary records the following Casualties:-

1915 Casualties

August 1915 – 2014

War Diary August 1915August 2014

Once again many thanks for visiting – July was a record with 3667 page views and 661 visitors – I am amazed at so much interest!

Some new content added this past month:-

  • Added a page on ‘1917’ – Gommecourt Advance.
  • Added a new page on ‘5th Battn’ – 1578 Percy Wildsmith.
  • ‘Nominal Role’ – D Company (Bakewell).
  • Added the names of 976 N.C.O.s and men that sailed to France in 1915 – see end of ‘1915’
  • Updated the Officers pages.
  • Revised the ‘Regimental Band’ page.
  • Completely revised ‘Regimental Histories and Downloads’.
  • Added a list of Officer Casualties to the ‘2/6th Battn’ page.
  • A few new pictures added to ‘1860’s-1907′, ‘1908’ and ‘1909’.

Whats next:-

  • Will start to work on ‘1916’ – Lost Cemeteries of Gommecourt (although I seem to have misplaced some of my old research)
  • The ‘North Midland Division’
  • ‘1917’ – Lens, Leiven & Fosse 3 etc.

AND FINALLY, still trying to identify these two Senior N.C.O.sUnkonwn SergeantsThe man on the left is wearing the Egypt Medal (1882-1889) and The Khedive Star (1882 issue) – suggesting that he had previously served with the 2nd Battalion Derbyshire Regiment.

The man on the right is often seen with the Regimental Pet from c1908-1911.

21st Battalion in 1917

21st battnDue to some recent interest in the 21st Battalion on the Great War Forum, I have spent a little time updating this page and adding some new content.

In particular, I have been trying to identify those men that were serving with the 21st Battalion on the 1st March 1917 at the time of the Territorial Force renumbering.

Whilst this list can never be comprehensive, it never-the-less provides an indication of the composition of the Battalion at that point in time.

See here.

As always, it’s still a work in progress.

Thank you for visiting

99 years ago the 6th Sherwood Foresters were about to hold the front line trenches, on their own, for the first time.

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I’m probably breaking some copyright laws by uploading images of the Medal Index Cards, Army Service Records and Officer’s Records – but I believe that these should belong to, and be shared by, the Nation.

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