The Reserve Battalions

Establishment of the 5th and 7th Reserve Battalions on 1st September 19165th-reserve

On the 1st September 1916 the 5th Reserve Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment was formed through the amalgamation of the 3/5th and 3/6th Battalions. At this time all the men were renumbered to avoid duplication.
5th Reserve 3

Service record for Thomas Edward Turner recording his enlistment into the 6th Reserve Battalion (2/6th) on the 20th October 1914 (3328) and his attachment to the 9th Provisional Battalion on 12th June 1915. He was transferred the to the 6th Reserve Battalion (3/6th) on the 10th July 1916 and then then into the newly formed 5th Reserve Battalion on the 1st September 1916 and issued with the number 5990. He was re-numbered 202586 during the 1917 Territorial Force renumbering in spring 1917 before being discharged in June 1917. He did not serve overseas.

7th Reserve Battalion in Louth early 19187th-reserve-battalion7th-reserve

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