The German retreat to the Hindenburg Line

Attack on Hargicourt Quarries and Cologne FarmCologne Farm 1917Lomas April 1917

In total the 2/6th Battalion lost 4 Officers and 31 men missing or killed in action.Marsden JH

Captain John Horace Marsden

He was killed while gallantly cutting wire to progress an attack upon a position that others had tried three times to take and failed. His battalion succeeded
Weston MS

Maurice Sydney WestonTuft 2

Gerald Hugh Tuft

Original burials in Templeux-Le-Guerard British Cemetery

Two Officers and 13 men were buried together in Templeux-Le-Guerard British Cemetery in Plot I, Row A.


240824 Sergeant Harry Smith is the only man buried in TEMPLEUX-LE-GUERARD COMMUNAL CEMETERY EXTENSION

Reburials in London Cemetery Extension in High Wood at Longueval in March 1953

A single isolated grave was found in 1953 containing the bodies of six men from the 2/6th Battalion. Only the body of 241618 Pte Horace Hayes was identified and then men are now buried in Plot IX, Row J , Graves 14 to 19.

London Cemetery view