31st Trench Duty 28th August – 3rd September 1916

28.8.1916 TRENCHES: Relieved 5th Battalion in RIGHT SECTOR.

Reinforcements August 191628.8.1916 TRENCHES: Draft of 11 Signallers and 15 Lewis Gunners arrived.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

3276 Pidcock

Amongst the men that arrived in the draft (part of the 17th Reinforcement) was 3276 Pte John Rupert Pidcock (1894-1968) a gardener from Darley Dale near to Matlock. John was granted Proficeny Pay Class I on the 1st July 1917. He was later transferred to the Labour Corps.

28th: 6th Battalion relieved the 5th in the RIGHT SECTOR & 8th Battalion relieved the 7th in the LEFT SECTOR.

GrosvilleA few shells fired into GROSVILLE during the evening.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

2 thoughts on “31st Trench Duty 28th August – 3rd September 1916

  1. Tom Jordan

    I’m currently researching an old postcard i have and i came across your site. The card purports to show the “North Midlands Division of the Cyclist Corps” in 1915 outside a large railway hotel. The photographer is A. Heath of Clay Cross and the series number is 302. I wondered if the image would be of interest to you and whether you might be able to identify the location and the regiment? Follows a link to the image: http://oi59.tinypic.com/2j0b0xf.jpg.
    Tom Jordan

  2. mikebriggs1910 Post author

    Tom, many thanks for sending. The picture looks fascinating. It doesn’t ring any bells with me but it’s possible that the Officers are identifiable. Is it possible to email me a higher resolution scan please? I assume that it says 1915 on the back? My first guess would be Harpenden perhaps (if that date is correct) cheers Mike


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