28th Trench Duty 23rd – 29th July 1916

23.7.1916 BELLACOURT: Battn relieved 5th in RIGHT SECTOR. “A” Company in Battalion reserve in Village.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

July 23rd: A quite day.

2/Lieuts KERSHAW and OLIVER and 2 other ranks (6th Sherwoods) reconnoitred the “TALUS” between 10.30pm & 2.30 am (24th).Talus Plan

This point consists in a bank 6-8′ high & 150-200 yards long. 200 yards distant from the German front line. It has been connected to the latter by a SAP.

The party crawled through a gap in two rows of barbed wire and reached the edge of the TALUS. The enemy  were heard to walk along the bottom of the bank and to stop immediately opposite our patrols.

One of them challenged and fired at 2/Lt OLIVER who was wounded. Several other shots were fired and four bombs thrown at our party, of whom 2/Lt KERSHAW & 1 man succeeded in reaching our front line, but 2/Lt OLIVER & 1 man were missing.

Battalion reliefs were completed by 12 midnight. The 6th & 8th Battalions going into the RIGHT and LEFT sectors respectively.


  • 1 Officer wounded & missing
  • 1 other rank missing

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

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