On this day 17th July 1916

17.7.1916 BELLACOURT: Lieut DS FOX to Transport Course, HAVRE. 2/Lt HIPKINS to be L. GUN Officer.

Storrs FoxLieutenant Donald Storrs FoxHipkins

2/Lt Frederick Wystan Hipkins

17.7.1916 BELLACOURT: Preliminary patrol of the TALUS under 2/Lt E KERSHAW.

17.7.1916 BELLACOURT: Battn relieved by 5th SF in RIGHT SECTOR & went into Bde Support in village of BELLACOURT. providing Garrisons of BOUNDARY, BURNT FARM, STARFISH & ORCHARD POSTS. ‘A’ Coy remained in support of 5th Battn.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

UntitledJuly 17: Moved back to support in village of ———-. Lived in a large chateau all very comfortable & really clean once more. Sorry to hear Tiny Simpson has died of wounds in hospital.

Tiny Simpson may be a reference to 2/Lt Herbert Simpson who died of his wounds on the 7th July and is buried in St. Sever Cemetery in Rouen.

[Lieutenant Josiah Taylor]

17: The following reliefs took place this evening. The 5th Sherwood relieved the 6th Sherwoods in the RIGHT SECTOR trenches, the latter Battalion going into Brigade Reserve BELLACOURT. The 8th Sherwoods were relieved in the LEFT SECTOR trenches by the 7th Sherwood & proceeded to Divisional reserve in BAILLEUVAL.

The relief was completed without incident by 11.30 pm. Gas was discharged by the 137th Inf Brigade on our right this evening. This brought on a good deal of straafing but we got very little.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

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