On this day 3rd July 1916

3.7.1916 WARLINCOURT: Battn marched into billets vacated & handed over by 5th North Staffs.

(Divisional Reserve) at BAILLEULMONT.

4440 SeatonOfficers rejoined:- Capt W SEATON from England. Capt W SEATON to Command “D” Company – Capt Jackson to be 2nd in Command.

ooper rowlandOfficers joined:- 2/Lt WL COOPER (left), 2/Lt FS ROWLAND (right) from England.

Draft of 54 OR joined from Base.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

3 July: I went to the funeral of Lt RD Wheatcroft (above) Wheatcroft rdour most popular Officer. Great sympathy felt for his brother Capt Wheatcroft who has now lost 2 brothers in this War.

We now expected rest but no such luck we moved to billets in the village of ———.

Robinson_FBHere we learnt that Capt Robinson (bubbles) was dead. He was the cheeriest fellow ever known (above).

[Lieutenant Josiah Taylor]

WarlincourtThe following men died of their wounds on this day and were buried in at SaultyWarlincourt

2315 Charles Pell2315 Pte Charles Ricard Pell (above)

1681 Pte George Byfleet

2052 Pte Walter Francis Joseph Murph

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