On this day 1st July 1916

“Thus perished the first two companies of two fine battalions, and few survivors ever found their way back to the British lines”

[“The Robin Hoods” 1/7th, 2/7th & 3/7th Battns. Sherwood Foresters]

“The most terrible day I have ever had. I hope I shall never see another one like it”

[Lieutenant Josiah Taylor]

For a detailed account please see here

139th Bde casualties1st July 1916

139th Brigade documents

Report of the part played by the 139th Infantry Brigade in the action on the 1st July 1916. Report from WO-95-2692-5 and 139 Brigade from WO-95-2692-5-29

Part played by the 3″ Stokes Trench Mortars in action on 1st July 1916. Trench Mortar from WO-95-2692-5-7

Part played by the Machine Guns during the action on 1st July 1916. Machine Guns from WO-95-2692-5-8

1/5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters

Part played by the 1/5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters during the action on 1st July 1916. 5th Battn from WO-95-2692-5-9 and 1:5th account from WO-95-2692-5-17

1/5th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters; Statements of men who reached the German Front Line (with sketch). Men statements from WO-95-2692-5-10

Includes statements from the following men:-

“A” Company A Coy 1:5th from WO-95-2692-5-20

dowmanCaptain Dowman’s report from 1918 Dowman 1918

  • 3028 Pte A Daykin (mentions L/Cpl Brudenell)
  • 4005 Pte W Edge
  • 2567 Pte F Bates (4th wave)
  • 1564 Cpl E Milner
  • 4541 Pte G Treece
  • 2078 Pte S Handford (1st wave and mentions 2/Lt H H Lilly and Pte Wright)
  • 3865 Pte RH Brown
  • 2123 Pte EG Hemm (4th waves and mentions 2/Lt EC Villa)

“B” Company B Coy 1:5th from WO-95-2692-5-21

“C” Company  C Coy 1:5th from WO-95-2692-5-23

  • 1949 L/Cpl CT Boot (1st wave)
  • 4100 Pte J Jeffcoate (2nd wave)
  • 1818 Pte T Garbutt (1st wave)
  • 1995 Pte T Jackson (1st wave)
  • 2312 Pte C Massey (3rd wave)
  • 2438 Pte E Edwards (3rd wave)
  • 3103 Cpl PJ Murphy (3rd wave and mentions 2/Lt WGW Barber, 2/Lt Dornton, Captain Naylor, 2/Lt RB Cecil, 4478 Pte T Attenborough, Cpl Harrison, 2408 Cpl Powditch)
  • 4478 Pte T Attenborough 4478 Attenborough from WO-95-2692-5-19
  • 1605 Pte W Parkin (3rd wave)
  • 2165 Pte E Smith (3rd wave)

“D” Company D Coy 1:5th from WO-95-2692-5-24

Grenade Section

  • 1515 Pte G Kerry

Fifth wave (Headquarters)

  • 764 Regl. Sergt.-Major BA Maddock

List of men that made it to the German first line. 1:5th men front line from WO-95-2692-5-27

1/6th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

1:6th from WO-95-2692-5-18 and 1:6th Battn from WO-95-2692-5-25

1/7th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

Part played by the 1/7th Battalion Sherwood Foresters during the action on 1st July 1916. 1:7th Battn from WO-95-2692-5-11 and 1:7th account from WO-95-2692-5-16

Includes statements from the following men:-

List of men that made it to the German first line. 1:7th Battn front line from WO-95-2692-5-26

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