On U day 23rd – 24th June 1916

23/24.6.1916 TRENCHES: Battn continued digging advanced trench with 7th Battn finding covering party & reserve diggers. Rather heavy MG fire and shelling. Owing to the heavy rain the trench although linked up was not finished in depth.

24.6.1916: Battn marched into billets on the GAUDIEMPRE-PAS ROAD. Every man wet through & covered with mud from digging.

23.6.1916 GAUDIEMPRE: Capt CJ Wheatcroft rejoined from Base.

24.6.1916 GAUDIEMPRE: Lt TL Darbyshire rejoined from England.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

23: A very heavy thunder storm this afternoon, which completely filled all the trenches with water – just like winter again. Pumps going hard to get the water out. Work on the new forward trench was continued this evening. Owing to the state of the ground work was very much hampered.

The enemy shelled a good deal too, but we were fortunate and only sustained a few casualties viz 1 killed & 12 wounded. The trench by the morning still required a good deal of work to complete it.

24: This is “U” day. Wire cutting by our artillery commenced today in accordance with pre arranged programme (see copy of Brigade Instruction & Operations Order No 63 attached). The enemy replied with crimps on our front line trench at various places knocking in the end of ROBERTS AVENUE to some extent. Work in the trenches had to be concentrated on pumping out the trenches which are in an awful state of water & mud.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]


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