On these days 22nd – 23rd June 1916

22/23.6.1916 TRENCHES: Bn began to dig advanced trench in Brigade front (total length with all CTs about 1300 yards). 7th Battn furnished covering party reserve diggers. Bn wired head of saps & CTs.trench digging 22 June 191622 June 1916 trench digging timesWar Diary [WO/95/2694]

June 20-24: Very busy men employed laying cable all day & digging trenches for them at night. Battn also busy digging trenches.

[Lieutenant Josiah Taylor]

22nd: Battns still working at above work. The front line was advanced tonight (see copy Operations Order 62 attached) about 150 yards. This work was undertaken by the 6th Battn SF. A covering party of 5 Offciers & 132 other ranks under Lt Colonel Goodman CMG Cmdg 6th Battn SF.

The orders were carried out very well. There was a little confusion on the right flank owing to a good deal of Machine Gun fire, in consequence the work on the night was not so far forward when the order to withdraw was given, as on the left.

By that time a trench varying from 5′ to 2 1/2′ had been dug on a frontage of 700 yards with 3 CTs averaging 140 yards each.

We had only one killed & 4 wounded out of some 800 men. engaged on the work – the work is to be completed tonight.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

The man killed was 2211 Lance Sergeant George Naden from Dove Holes
2211 Naden

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