On this day 28th May 1916

The Slater Accident

An unpleasant accident this morning. A live round got amongst dummy ones on a Lewis Gun being used for instruction. Killed one man and wounded another. I sat on the Board of Enquiry – no one to blame.

Artillery very noisy at night. Each side had an apparently aimless strafe at infantry.

4216 Slater

[Lieutenant Josiah Taylor]

4216 Pte James Slater from Chesterfield enlisted in March 1915 and arrived in France with the 8th Reinforcement in March 1916. 4216 Slater 2

1897 Pte Seth Taylor a Pre-War Territorial who had enlisted in 1913 and arrived in France with the 46th North Midland Division in February 1915.1897 taylor

28th: Quite day. At 11 pm & 1 am (29th) our Artillery bombarded the enemy’s front line trenches for a few minutes each time. The enemy had previously bombarded the trenches of the 56th Division on our right, so our pre-arranged bombardment must have appeared like a retaliation to the Bosche.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

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