22nd Trench Duty 10th – 22nd March 1916

10.3.1916 Mont St Eloy: Battn proceeded to trenches and relieved the 125th Regiment Lt.-Col. MADELIN (French Army) in the RIGHT SECTOR (opposite LA FOLIE FARM).La Folie Farm trenches 1916

Flanks:- 50th French Regt on right, 5th Battn SHERWOOD FORESTERS on left.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

For the full story please see here and here.

We took up trench life again and relieved a French regiment on the left of Arras.

 [2305 Pte Frank Longson]

The relief of the 152nd French Division was completed tonight – the 6th Battalion S.F. relieving the right sector and the 8th Battn S.F. going into Support. The whole relief was complete by 12.30 AM without a hitch.

The French did all in their power to help us and were only too willing to assist us in every way the could. The impression gained by our own intercourse with the French is that their organisation & office work is very good. The morale of their Officers and men high.

As regards their trenches – their main Communication Trenches are excellent – very well kept and all boarded. Their main lines are fair with considerable good dug out accommodation, but the nearer the front you go, the worse things become.

The fire and support trenches have neither fire steps nor traverses. The parapets are either too low or feet too high and it is quite impossible to fire out of them – besides the parapets are not bullet proof.

There are very few communication trenches connecting the fire and support trenches. It is no citable that the French have very few sandbags and seem to get on quite well without them.

The Mining Operations on the front taken over is still being worked by the French miners and the labour for carrying etc furnished by the 8th Batt. Sherwood Foresters in support.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]1916 Trenches La Folie


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