On this day 16th February 1916

16.2.1916 BEAUMETZ: Lt G.F. Gardner, 2/Lt T Grimshaw and 35 other ranks from Battalion Machine Gun Section proceeded to join 139th Brigade Machine Gun Company.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

The numbers recorded in the War Diary appear to be incorrect - see below.

16.2.1916: The Brigade Machine Gun Company concentrated today under Capt F. B. ROBINSON in billets in BERNAVILLE.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

 The 139th Bde Machine Gun Company139 Bde MGC

Officers of the newly established 139th Brigade Machine Gun Company Commanded by Captain Francis Bradbury Robinson.3259 Fearn

Army Service record for 3259 Pte George Harry Fearn, an electrician from Clay Cross, recording his transfer to the 139 BDE MACH GUN CORP on the 16th February 1916.

The 1/6th men that transferred to the 139th Brigade Machine Gun Company were as follows:-

In late 1915 the Battalion Machine Gun Section comprised a Lieutenant, Sergeant, Corporal, 2 drivers, batman and 12 Privates that were trained in the maintenance, transport, loading and firing of the Vickers heavy machine gun. These men made up two six-man gun teams.

  • 1265 Sergt. Dudley Spicer (24226)
  • 811 Pte. George Handbury (24227)
  • 3334 Pte.  John H Watson (24228)
  • 2068 Pte. Alfred Allen (24229)
  • 2707 Pte. George EH Hurt (24230)
  • 1701 Pte. Harry Ellison (24231)
  • 1779 Pte. William Ollerenshaw (24232)
  • 1784 Pte. Frank Swann (24233)
  • 1800 Pte. William E Hughes (24234)
  • 1801 Pte. Edgar Porter (24235)
  • 1841 Pte. George F Johnson (24236)
  • 1846 Pte. James White (24237)
  • 2223 Pte. James Dudley (24238)
  • 3259 Pte. George Henry Fearn (24239)
  • 3340 Cpl. George Bagshaw (24240)
  • 3652 Pte. Arthur Marshall (24241)
  • 1656 Pte. Hedley Bennett (24242)


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