On these days 16th to 24th January 1916

No record in the War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Officers 19161916 copy

The changes from the cold rain and mud of North East France to the bright sunshine and blue skies of the Mediterranean was marvellous and deeply appreciated by all ranks. As far as possible leave was given to Officers and men after the day’s work was over and Marseilles was crowded in the evenings with the troops who certainly maintained the reputation of the British Army for good behaviour. Special trams were engaged instead of taxis. Sea bathing was a great pleasure and the town was full of attractions, such places as the Cannibiere, Theresa’s Bar, Lindens, Castell Meno. Hotel Bristol will recall incidents to those who were so fortunate as to be there. The premises too of Messrs Cox & Co. and the Field Cashier were frequently patronised and it was perhaps fortunate that the next move took place before our welcome in this direction wore out.

[Battalion History]

Perhaps the service record of this soldier highlights some of the problems encountered:-


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